Keel partners with SISTOR

Lucy Farmbrough
April 16, 2024
5 min read
Lucy Farmbrough
Founder, Keel Mental Fitness
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Keel is delighted to have partnered with SISTOR to enhance our engagement offering to clients.

By providing immediate, personalised, and accessible support from the first point of contact, we’re looking to improve the client experience.

‘Respondents receive something they find truly valuable, while your organisation gets detailed insights from customers, or prospects, or any audience you choose to target’.  

SISTOR uses Typeform™ and VideoAsk™ to create forms that structure elegant, dynamic interactions.

Keel is then able to offer an automated personalised report to clients with recommendations of services and resources tailored to their individual needs.

From client’s responses Keel starts to grow a rich and increasingly meaningful data set which we can use to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of our mental health and coaching services.

We will continuously refine the onboarding experience based on client feedback and outcomes to ensure the process remains client-centered, effective and aligned with best practices.  

AI is an adjunct to Keel’s personalised approach, which is part of our unique offering and USP and is in not intended to replace speaking to one of our team in person.  

While Sistor can assist Keel in making the onboarding process more efficient and data-driven, we are acutely aware of the need to uphold ethical standards, protect client privacy and maintain the integrity of the client-professional relationship.

‘AI won’t replace humans, humans using AI will replace humans not using AI’, Dr. Simon D’Alfonso

Try it out

If you’re ready to start your journey with us here at Keel and you are seeking immediate insights into your challenges and goals, then we suggest completing this Typeform, ahead of speaking to one of our team in person.  

Our Keelbot will provide you a report straight to your inbox with AI generated interim suggestions about the types of support and approaches that might be a good fit for you.

Help us beta test and get a free report by trying it out below

Find out more about SISTOR