Dr. Ashley Junghans-Rutelonis, PhD, LP, PMH-C

Women's health - cognitive, psychological, and behavioural difficulties.

Dr. Ashley Junghans-Rutelonis, PhD, LP, PMH-C is a Mayo Clinic College of Medicine trained clinical psychologist. She has been in clinical practice for over a decade, partnering with women to solidify values-based living and explore next steps in the lives they choose to lead.

Ashely specializes in working with high-performing women, specialising in ADHD, anxiety disorders, imposter syndrome, pregnancy and postpartum, relaxation and mindfulness, self compassion and value based living. She also partners with clients on burn-out, stress, perfectionism, depression, sleep difficulties and other behavioural challenges.


Coaching includes coaching for young adults transitioning to college and graduate school, organizational/time management skills for adults, leadership skills, career development, and goals+values coaching.

  • ADHD coaching
  • Executive Functioning coaching including time awareness, time management, organization, follow through, attention shaping, motivation management, self-restraint skills, and emotion self-regulation.
  • Leadership skills including communication, modeling, presence, relationship building, and team engagement.
  • Management skills including feedback, meeting structures, staff trajectory identification, candor, relationship building, and difficulty conversations.
  • Career development including skills above and strengths- based trajectories.
  • Goals+values coaching: Focused on integrating your goals and values in a targeted, forward looking approach. Goals+values coaching is different from therapy in that work is skills-based, highly structured, and targeted.
  • Maternity leave coaching - preparation and return.


We provide virtual mental health assessments and virtual and in-person therapy for women. Our client's mental health difficulties are stalling forward progress in their wellbeing, in their careers, and in their lives…

  • Mental health challenges during pregnancy and postpartum;
  • Transitioning to maternity leave, and then returning to work or shifting out of the workforce;
  • Transitioning to a parenting role and juggling multiple roles;
  • Ongoing worry and anxiety;
  • Depression and feelings of sadness, or low self-confidence;
  • Significant sleep disturbance due to stress;
  • Skill building in assertiveness and self-compassion;
  • Ongoing personal or family stressors that are impacting their ability to engage professionally; and
  • Difficulty defining why exactly they feel stuck and wanting to delve deeper into values and goals misalignment while still acknowledging how they got to this place.


United States only:

We provide assessments via telemedicine to answer a number of questions. We love being able to provide virtual ADHD assessments for women. Diagnosis of ADHD in girls and women has often been missed or delayed, but we are working to expand access to assessment services.

Knowledge about one’s brain and body is a powerful resource. Many individuals have ongoing concentration difficulties, distractibility, and organizational challenges that have only intensified with changes over the past few years.

We provide ADHD assessments for women ages 22-65. In certain situations, we are able to assess young women ages 16-22. Please reach out for a consultation. You can read more about ADHD in our resources section.

We can also assess any of the following questions for adults:

  • autism spectrum disorder;
  • mental health diagnosis clarification (e.g., anxiety versus depression versus PTSD),
  • cognitive ability and memory,
  • and learning disorders (e.g., Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia).

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